The Road to learn React - Simplified Chinese Translation


Hello everyone,

I have written the free ebook The Road to learn React and improved it over the last 12 months to its 4th edition. At the moment, the ebook gets translated into 5 languages (Korean, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese). I am looking for someone to translate it into simplified Chinese too. Do you know anyone who would like to do it? I would put the translated version on Leanpub ( and share 50% of the revenue if someone pays for it. In addition, the repository would be available on too where all the translations can be found.

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:
Kind regards,
Robin (Sorry for writing in English)

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【抢先领】《React 学习之道》我们翻译了一本最简单,且最实用的 React 实战教程……

Hi Robin,

The Road to learn React is an awesome book for the beginners or even experienced React developer, I would like to take this and contribute the Simplified Chinese version.

Feel free to contact me through my email:, or my github:



Hi Robin,

I’m interested in translating this book as well. I’ve been using React for past 2 years and also have experience with translating books. Let me know if I have the luck to contribute to your book. Thanks a lot!
Feel free to contact me via my email:



Hey Robin,

Thank you a lot for writing the book, The Road to learn React, which is super excellent and I have benefited a lot from it when I was reading. And I am a Web developer and have already been using React.js for over 2 years and also translated some e-book and articles from the community.

That would be very appreciated if I can get a chance to contribute to the translating to Simplified Chinese version. Please feel free to contact me via, or GitHub and my Blog.

Thanks again,