Meteor 的模板系统 Blaze 2 将基于 React


看到 Meteor 论坛上的帖子, 觉得 React 和 Angular 太好了, 特别是 JSX 比较合适

There’s been talk for some time about Blaze 2 and components. When we took a look at what it would look like, it looked a lot like React. We think that React has the right component model and good APIs. And while there are differences in the DOM update algorithms used (React’s virtual DOM diffing versus Blaze’s fine grained reactivity), both approaches work.

What’s missing from React (as a Blaze upgrade) is templates and the tight integration with Tracker. We think the combination of the two is basically the core of what people like about Blaze (correct me if I’m wrong!) You can’t really get a comparable experience with Angular 1.0, React, or anything else I know of that’s a viable choice in production today. What would be great is if you could get the best of both worlds: Blaze-style reactive templating, combined with the component model of React and full compatibility with the React ecosystem.

So what we’re planning to do is to build templating on top of React, and to encourage Blaze users to upgrade to it (or, for those that prefer it, to plain React JSX). We think that this is the best possible “Blaze 2".